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Fidonet Service
Are you...

...a Fidonet network who's saddled with high telephone costs for echomail, files, or routed netmail?

...a Fidonet node who would like complete independence from your local mail and file delivery, while still belonging to Fidonet?

...a Fidonet node or network who would like to have the independence and resources of the broadcast services but without the huge hardware costs and installation hassles that come with it?

...a Fidonet node or network who would like all your resources (echomail, files, etc.) to be supplied at a flat rate, unrelated to volume fluctuations or modem speeds, allowing easy planning with no surprises?

...a Fidonet node who would like to be connected directly to the Fidonet Backbone for mail, files, routing, more, and still remain completely independent?

The answer to all your needs is Fidonet service from the NorthWestern Star!

All that is needed is a local connection to the Internet. Any Internet connection will do. If you can operate either a FTP or BINKP connection to us, you can take advantage of a Fidonet feed from NorthWestern Star, and start enjoying high quality, low cost Fidonet service!

  • Connect as many times per day as you desire.
  • No long distance or other charges, other than those that may apply to your internet access account.
  • Volume has no effect on the cost of your connection to NorthWestern Star.
  • Process mail and files in the same manner as you would with a regular feed.
  • Areafix file and echomail areas as you need them.
  • Routed netmail is on the Internet, and on it's way within minutes. (With standard Fidonet routing, delays of over 24 hours are not uncommon.)
All this is at one low monthly expense!


FidoNet Echomail and File Distribution: $10 (USD) per month per net/region. Also available a $5.00 per month single-node service.

As a bonus, Canadian nodes pay in Canadian funds at par, saving the US exchange rate.


  • Payment in advance by bank transfer, cash, credit card, or cheque.
If this sounds great, it is! Use tomorrow's distribution system today!

What are you waiting for? Use the "Contact Us" link (to the left) to get going today with the fastest and most reliable Fidonet service available!

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